I was with my friend Chike at Pedro’s bar last night when something happened.

His phone beeped and immediately he announced to me that someone was trying to break into his shop at the moment.

Break into his shop ke???

I wanted to ask how he knew but Chike was already on his feet, heading out of the bar.

Immediately, I took my car keys stood from the table. As a sharp guy I didn’t forget to finish my bottle of beer in some quick gulps.

It was when we were in the car on the way to his shop that I asked him.

"My guy, how do you know someone is trying to break into your shop???"

Is this a whole new level of juju or what?

He responded by telling me to drive faster.

He was busy making calls to people who lived around his shop so they would help him apprehend the burglar...

When we got there, we met people gathered in front of his shop.

They had apprehended the thief!!!

The whole thing was like a movie.
Thankfully, nothing had been stolen.

The police had responded too, so we handed the thief over to the police.

That was when the real story began!!!

It turns out that a customer had come to make a purchase of goods worth three million naira, after banking hours. Chike had opted to leave the cash in his shop since he felt it was safer there.

How did the thief know there was money there?

Immmediatley, we began suspecting Chike’s boys. One of them must have told the thief about the money, because my friend had never experienced such before. So we brought the boys to the police station for questioning. The time was around 2am in the morning.

The three boys serving Chike denied all forms of wrongdoing. We made sure the police didn’t torture the boys, but Chike was sure it had to be one of them. He was terribly disappointed that one of them could have betrayed his trust like that.

We were still questioning the boys when one of the policemen on duty came to tell us that the thief had already confessed the identity of who had told him about the money. He mentioned a certain “Sharpman”. The name wasn’t familiar to us, probably a nickname. They asked him to point out one of the boys who did it. The thief said it wasn’t one of the boys. Then the mystery only grew bigger.

Who else could have known about the money?

Then it occured to me. I asked Chike to describe the customer that brought the money to the burglar and ask if he was the one.
The burglar confirmed the description.

By 8am, we had gotten the house address of the customer from other businessmen so we led some constables to his house to bring him for questioning.
The thief confirmed he was the one.

That is how this man, the customer started the denying everything. He denied knowing the thief.
Then the thief said he was the one that dropped him in front of the shop around 12:30 am in the morning. The man still kept denying. My friend was already smiling by then. Can you imagine my surprise when he showed me a video of the thief and the customer on his phone, when the customer dropped the thief in his car and pointed the shop to him. Immediately, the video was shown to the police and a copy was submitted as evidence.

I was confused though. How did Chike have that video? Same Chike that we were eating catfish peppersoup together?

The police showed the customer the video, he started crying and saying rubbish that it was the devil that pushed him to it. They have charged the idiot to court. He must go to jail.

It was when we got back to my house this morning that he told me about how he knew about the attempted break-in and how he got the video.

He called it the SMART SHOP PACKAGE.

I didn’t understand until he explained it fully.

It is a security solutions package to improve the security of your shop. He told me it comes with a CCTV system, Keyless Entry Locks, Access Control Door, Fire Alarm and Security Lighting.

The package is a must-have for shop owners. I am installing this package in my shop ASAP. I have already called TechPath Security Solutions to place my order.

That is how Chike would have lost millions, if not for the Smart Shop Package.

You can contact TechPath Security Solutions on 08179005913 or email
You can also visit their website to see the range of products available.

Worry less about your shop security starting today.
You can now sleep with both eyes closed.

Be like Chike.




I write because... What else would I do?

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Segun Oseni

Segun Oseni

I write because... What else would I do?

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